Verification Process

It is important that the money donated is for genuine charity purposes.  That is why we go through the extra mile to verify these companies.

How is it done?

  1. The very first place we check is with the Singapore Commissioner of Charities (COC) –

    COC is a government organization who will oversee all the Singapore charities and IPCs with charitable objectives related to :
    – Arts and heritage
    – Animal welfare
    – Environmental protection or improvement
    – Religion
    – Those which do not fall neatly under the 5 sectors.

  2.  If they are not registered with COC, we will then request more information from them like – Organisation Profile and their mission
    – Who is their beneficiary?
    – Where, when and how they conduct their activities?
    – Photos of their recent activities/events.

Our Don’ts

  • We do not allow more than 3 fundraising projects conducted per year.
  • We do not allow an individual to conduct a fundraising project to raise money for personal used.  (Example: raising fund for a sick family member, etc)
  • We do not conduct fundraising for politics proposes.
  • Although it is a requirement for the organizations/individual to state clearly the purpose of the donation and who their beneficiaries are, we do not monitor or manage how they actually use these funds raised.

Important information you must know

  1. Online Fund-Raising and Code of Practice in Singapore

  2. Fund-Raising Matter


** Disclaimer ** is not a charity organization, it is a platform designed & managed by Orangebox (, a t-shirt printing company. The purpose of this platform is to help facilitate these charity organizations/ individuals to conduct fundraising thru selling of t-shirts and other apparels. Orangebox will supply & print these apparels and provide order fulfillment services to the donors.