How it works?

At Orangebox, we are Great at what we do.
Now, we want to make use of our resources to help you run your fundraising campaign easy and hassle-free.

Tshirts as a Great Fundraiser

Selling T-shirts is a Great way for fundraising. With a good t-shirts design, you can clearly communicate your message, and get the words out. When you offer a good looking T-shirt as a fundraiser, it will also motivate people to donate, and they can continue to help to spread the words by wearing the T-shirt.

Obstacles most fundraisers will face

1) No one to help to design the t-shirt.
2) Ordering more t-shirts than what they can sell.
3) No place to store the t-shirts and excess stocks.
3) Too much hassle on the logistics and order fulfilment.
4) Poor t-shirts’ Quality and people will stop wearing them after a few washes.

 We got the Solution. 

With, let us do all the tedious works and you only need to spread the words.

Step 1: Getting the T-shirt Design

The first step is to get your t-shirt design ready. If you already have a t-shirt design, that is great. But for those who do not, we know designing a t-shirt can be a daunting task, contact us and our design team will be glad to help you with one. Because if you want your supporters to continue wearing the t-shirt & spreading the words for you, your t-shirt design is very important.

Step 2: Select the apparel

Select the type of apparel you want to sell for your fundraising campaign. We will tell you how much your shirt will cost based on the type of apparel you select, and the number of colour of your print. Then you set the selling price to determine the amount you want to raise. Click here to view the catalog.

Step 3: Write your Story

Create an account with us. Share the full story!  Tell others what the campaign is about, who & what is it for and why this fundraising is important. Title your campaign and pick a timeframe for your campaign. Share some photos or video too. If you need help? Our admin team can help you do the posting too.

Step 4: Share to the World

Share your t-shirt fundraiser with the world! Tell your family, friends, and supporters through word of mouth, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter.

Step 5: End of Campaign

When your campaign ends, we will deduce the cost of production and send you the remaining proceeds. After printing, we will post out the t-shirts to the individual supporters. You don’t have to do a single thing.
If you fail to meet the minimum requirement to print, you can extend your campaign. It is easy and free!

Launch your Fundraising Campaign with us.