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Our Apparel Partner - Wundou

All the Fundraising T-shirts are printed with wundou apparel

wundou is a leading apparel brand in Japan since 1963. With quality-oriented material, wundou aims to offer outstanding comfort and functionality.

All wundou products had passed stricter tests than the general standard for garments so that they produce for customers the opportunity to enjoy daily activities and sports comfortably...
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T-shirt Fundrasing make Easy is Singapore First free-to-use platform to help Non-Profit Organisation & individuals to raise fund quickly and easily by selling T-shirts.
T-shirts are a Great vehicle for fundraising. With a good t-shirts design, you can clearly communicate your message, and get the words out. When you offer a good looking T-shirt as a fundraiser, it will also motivate people to donate, and they help spread the words by wearing the T-shirt.

As your fundraising Partner, you only need to focus on sharing, we will take care of the rest :
- Processing Payments
- Handling Inventory
- Printing & Embroidery
- Packing
- Shipping

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Start a Fundraising Project with us

  • Campaign Manager

    Our Team will help you through the whole process to launch your campaign online. Tell your stories and spread the words with others. We will take care of the everything else for you.
  • Free Design

    If you do not have a t-shirt design, and do not have anyone to design one. Don't worry! Our design team can help you design one FREE.
  • Direct Factory

    As we originally a T-shirt printing company, all yours t-shirts are printed in-house to keep the cost as low as possible.

  • Complete Fulfillment

    At the end of the campaign, we will take care of the logistic support. We will ship the t-shirts to your supporters no matter where they live.
  • Quality T-shirts

    No more lousy t-shirts. We only want to provide the best quality T-shirts for your supporters. That's why we partner with Wundou, a leading apparel brand in Japan.
  • Secure & Easy

    At the end of the campaign, we will deduce the cost of printing and send the remaining proceeds to you.

Launch your Fundraising Campaign with us.